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What are L.E.D. Lights?

L.E.D. Lights (Light Emitting Diode) are the future of Christmas lighting. L.E.D.s are now considered “the greatest invention in lighting since Edison’s light bulb in 1879.” L.E.D.s are constructed from tiny solid-state chips similar to those used in computers. These chips directly convert electricity to light without the use of a filament or glass bulb. Instead, the chips are encapsulated in solid plastic that can be made into a variety of shapes and sizes. L.E.D. may initially cost slightly more than conventional lights; but, they more than pay for themselves within a single season.

How do L.E.D. Lights “pay for themselves?”

L.E.D.  Lights achieve high brightness with only a small fraction of energy. Instead of consuming about 50 Watts per string of 100 (conventional mini-lights) our L.E.D. Lights use only a few Watts of power. The savings of up to 98% in electricity quickly adds up.

Why L.E.D.?
  • Solid-state reliability
  • Longevity – L.E.D. lamps rated for up to 200,000 hours of use
  • No glass bulbs to break
  • No filaments to burn out
  • Extreme energy efficiency uses only 10% of the electricity required to power traditional incandescent
  • Nearly indestructible, solid epoxy lenses
  • Rust proof, Zinc-coated lamp contacts
  • Uses standard house current (120 VAC, 60 Hz)
  • No transformer required
  • Added safety – Lamps always remain cool to the touch
Can you replace the bulbs in an L.E.D. light set?
No. All commercial light sets have injection molded bulbs and sockets that are permanently attached to one another.
Why non-replaceable bulbs?

L.E.D.s are polarity specific. If a bulb is removed and then turned around and reinserted, it will not work. If several bulbs have fallen out of the socket over time then it is almost impossible to determine which one is in backwards. In these cases, often the entire set will not light. OURS CANNOT BE REMOVED. In our set, every socket is specifically wired for the color of L.E.D. that is inserted and permanently affixed so that the best performance is guaranteed. The non-replaceable L.E.D is completely water tight – no moisture can enter the area of the connection and therefore no rust can occur. Less GFI issue.

Are replacement (retro fit) C7 and C9 bulbs available?

Yes. The L.E.D. replacement bulbs are available and screw directly into traditional sockets.

Are all of your pole decorations lit?

All of the pricing on our web site includes the pole decorations with lights. However, all pole decorations can be made without lights. Pricing adjustments can be made by contacting one of our representatives.

Can the lighted pole decorations be upgraded to LED?

Yes. For an additional up-charge all lighted pole decorations can be made to use LED bulbs.

Is hardware to hang the decorations included in the price?

Yes. All hardware is included. You will receive a galvanized face plate and 27” standard ideal bands for each decoration.

What is the standard lead wire length?

Each decoration is sent with a standard 10’ lead wire and a male plug. If you require a longer lead wire, there would be a minimal additional fee.

Pole Decorations

How are your pole decorations constructed?

Our pole decorations are constructed of steel rods in sizes of 3/8and ½” rods depending on the size of the item.  The lights are attached to the frame using clips to keep the lights in place.

Do you send extra bulbs with the pole decorations?

You will receive an extra 10% of incandescent bulbs and 5% of LED bulbs along with your order to cover any breakage during shipping.

How do I keep my pole decorations clean?

If your pole decoration has garland on it, you can use a small pressure washer or just the hose to spray it off.  Be sure to use a little care.  Once it has completely dried, keep the garland covered in storage during the off season – it will attract a lot less dust.

Pole Decorations with NO garland – you can use acrylic touch up paint to cover up scratches and any minimal rust!

Banner Decorations

What are the standard banner sizes?

Traditional stock sizes: 30″ x 60″, 30″ x 84″, and 30″ x 96″.

JR Size Banners (lampposts): 17” x 36” up to 17” x 45”.

Not all designs are available in all sizes.

Custom sizes and shapes are available!

How do I know what size banner I need?

The size banner you need will depend on where the banner will be displayed. Will the banner hang from large DOT poles on a main highway? Will the banner hang from a lower level, heavy pedestrian area? A general rule of thumb – if your banners will hang where there is traffic, the bottom of the banner should start at 14’.  This allows clearance for all vehicles.

For promenade areas and areas where there is a lot of foot traffic, the general rule is to allow an 8’ clearance.

What are your banners printed on and what is the difference?

Our banners are digitally printed on 18 oz. vinyl or screen printed on marine acrylic fabrics. Our screen print marine acrylic banners are produced on the exact same fabrics that are used for awnings and outdoor furniture. Inks are outdoor rated plastisol colors. Our digital print 18 oz. vinyl is custom-formulated with a unique twisted scrim that provides superior strength against the harshest of elements. Inks are outdoor rated solvent and UV based systems.

Are your banners double sided?

Unless otherwise specified, all of our banners are printed on both sides.

What is the lead time for banners?

Normal lead time for our stock seasonal banners is 7-10 business days. After receipt of final artwork and a signed proof has been received, custom banners generally require 10-14 business days. Under certain conditions, an order may be expedited.  Overnight fees may apply.

What is the price of a stock banner?

Stock single banners vary in pricing from $60 – $100 depending on the size. Double stock banners vary in pricing from $140 – $200 depending on the size. If you are adding your logo or name to a stock banner, there is an additional fee.

Are custom banners more expensive?

If you do not see a stock banner that suits your needs, our design staff can work with you to create a unique design to call your own.  With the use of digital printing, the cost for custom is not much more.  CDI Enterprises/Christmas Designers does not charge a design fee for minimal designs.

What is required to produce a custom banner?

Pictures/Logos to be used must be 300 DPI and larger than 2000 x 2000 pixels and should be sent as .jpg, .bmp, .psd, or .tif. Vector files are preferred but all images must be in high resolution for a clear print. Each custom piece is unique to itself and can be discussed with our design team at the time of the project.

What is the warranty on your banners?

Our banners are guaranteed for three (3) seasons (one year of use) against ink peeling and fabric tearing when properly installed.

Brackets & Hardware

How are brackets sold?

CDI Enterprises/Christmas Designers offers 2 styles of banner bracket hardware. The Titan Adjustable Banner Hardware and the Titan SL.

What is the Titan Adjustable Banner Hardware?

The Titan adjustable banner hardware is the only banner hardware with one bolt tension adjustment.  You can easily adjust the banner tension with our “Sure-Lock” one bolt adjustment. Anti-seize compound is pre-installed to assure smooth tensioning year after year. Titan adjustable banner hardware features 13/16″ solid fiberglass arms which are cantilevered and provide maximum flexibility in high wind areas and allow easy recovery to initial banner position. Rust proof and maintenance free gravity cast AS480 Aluminum Alloy 5 Year Warranty against material defect and workmanship when properly installed Pole banner security and perfect banner display Cantilevered arms provide optimum banner stretch without bunching and a tie-back hole for banner grommets. Custom banner hardware colors. Custom color powder coating is available for a slight up charge to easily coordinate banner/hardware/pole installation projects.

What is the Titan SL?

The Titan SL is the ideal choice for lower level banner installations

Removable banner arms make the Titan SL less obtrusive when banners are not in use and allows for fast and easy banner changes for seasonal and special event usage.

Smaller casting profile is perfect for use on decorative Main Street light poles.

13/16 diameter solid fiberglass banner arm provides optimum flexibility and helps increase banner longevity.

Tie-back hole in casting allows for cable ties to secure banner to casting.

Cantilevered arms provide optimal banner stretch without bunching.

Superior Gravity Cast AS480 Aluminum Alloy is rust and corrosion resistant.

Can easily be custom color powder coated to match any light pole or street decor program.

Stainless Steel Screw Bands sit perfectly in casting channels to hasten installation and adjustments.

How are your brackets sold?

Our brackets are sold per set.  A set includes both upper and lower hardware for one (1) banner.

How do I know which hardware is best to use to hang my banners?

To determine which hardware is best for you, it is important to know what the use of the banner will be. If you are looking to develop a year round banner program, you will want to install the sturdiest banner hardware (Titan Adjustable) which would include a base plate and a Titan slider arm. This allows you to remove the slider arm when no banners are displayed for easier and faster installation on your next banner design.

Another option is to use the Titan Slider (Econo).  The slider arm can be used by itself and directly mounted for a non-adjustable yet economical application. Base plates can simply be added in the future to provide tension adjustment. Finally, there is the Titan SL bracket has a smaller casting profile with superior strength and minimal footprint.  This is the ideal choice for lower level banner installations. Removable banner arms make the Titan SL less obtrusive when banners are not in use and allows for fast and easy banner changes for seasonal and special event usage.

How do I secure the hardware to my pole?

CDI Enterprises/Christmas Designers use 2 types of strapping.

  1. Stainless steel banding straps and buckles (banding tool required for installation) provide a more permanent, stable installation.
  2. Screwbands do not require a banding tool for installation and can be reused. Screwbands are NOT recommended for square poles as they can break easily.
How do I keep my banners clean?

Upon removal of your vinyl banners, they should be:

  • Cleaned with a light soap solution that removes road grime, exhaust, bird droppings and any other elements
  • After drying, the banners should be rolled individually or as a set in paper. The paper helps to avoid any sticking and ink on ink contact.
  • The banners should be stored on end to prevent any crushing and unnecessary fold marks as seen most commonly with year round banner programs.

Upon removal of your Marine Acrylic banners, you should:

  • Hand wash with a soft brush and mild soap such as Palmolive or Ivoey hand washing dish soap. NEVER use a cleaner with a solvent base.
  • Once clean simply rinse thoroughly and hang to dry before storing.
  • After drying, the banners should be rolled individually or as a set in paper. The paper helps to avoid any sticking and ink on ink contact.
  • The banners should be stored on end to prevent any crushing and unnecessary fold marks as seen most commonly with year round banner programs.

Proper cleaning and handling is very important to extend the life of your banners.


What size wreaths do you carry?

We stock 36”, 48”, 60” and 72” wreaths. If you need a larger size, we can get it for you!

Are your wreaths lit?

Yes.  Our wreaths are pre-lit with LED warm white conicals.  You can also purchase an unlit wreath or we can light a wreath to your requested color.


What size garlands do you carry?

We stock 9’ garlands in 14” and 18”.

What is the difference between the 14” and the 18” garland?

Other than 4”…it is the diameter of the garland.  If you were to take a piece of the garland and stretch it side to side, it would be 14” or 18”.  It does not appear that large because of the shaping of the garland. The 14” garland is an industry standard.  The 18” garland is a little larger looking garland and is best used for a large building front.  It works best when the viewing is at a distance.

How do I attach the garland to my light pole?

You will want to secure the garland at the top of the post.  You can use large zip ties, screwbands, wire, stainless steel banding strap or panduit straps.  You will want to create a “collar” using the garland to wrap around whatever you use.

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